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What areas do you serve?

The entire seven county Twin City metro area.  We may even be able to accommodate outside this area.


What does it cost?

After the cost of compaction is added to your dumpster fees, you’ll be paying at least 20% less.  Our fee range is $109-$129, and we provide discounts for multiple dumpsters.

Why does this save us money?

Since we compact your waste, you’ll be able to fit more material in each dumpster, requiring fewer hauls.

Does this service help our carbon footprint?

Yes.  Since your waste will require fewer hauls, the impact of your business require fewer hauls, which equates to fewer emissions.

Won’t our tonnage fees increase per dumpster?

Yes, but the savings due to fewer hauls will usually more than make up for this increase.  And if you have a minimum tonnage fee now, you’ll be utilizing the entire minimum instead of paying for weight that’s not there.

What type of dumpsters do you KRUNCH?

Mostly 30-40 yard roll-off open top dumpsters.

Is there material you cannot compact?

Yes, there is some material that doesn’t compact well or creates weight issues.  Mostly due to its weight, concrete, bricks, and other masonry materials are not a candidate for compaction.  If the dumpster contains less than 5% masonry, then we may be able to go ahead and compact.  Also, tree trunks and large branches do not compact.

How long does it take to compact a dumpster?

About 5-10 minutes.

Is this service safe for the dumpster?

Yes, forklifts or front-loaders are more likely to damage it if you are compacting with them.  The KRUNCH compacting drum is narrower than the width of the dumpster so it doesn’t touch the sides.  We also have a guard on the drum so the steel teeth on it cannot touch the dumpster.  We are so confident that our machine will not damage the dumpster, we assume responsibility for any damage done by us in our service agreement.

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